June 2010 Customer Success Story Winners

First Place: A. Gurschick: The Poor Yellow Scooter

A lady backs into my scooter in front of my house. She left, then came back to stand it up. The Police considered it a hit and run. This video actually allowed me to find the lady and get her information. The bad side is that she didn't have any insurance.

This is not the first time I have used my Logitech WiLife system. We have caught people stealing items out of your back yard. We were able to get the items back.

I purchased the Logitech WiLife system because I had a $400 bench stolen off of our patio.

Thank you so much for making this system so easy to use and setup.


Second Place: Ron R.: An unexpected traffic Stop in front of house

We live in quiet neighborhood in a city with a low crime rate. We were surprised one afternoon, by the sounds of sirens and yelling. We looked out our window in time to see a white car stopped in front of our house with a police car stopped close behind. The police officer shouted commands for the occupants to keep their hands behind their heads. In a few minutes, backup arrived. At gunpoint, and one by one, each occupant of the car was commanded to walk backwards to the awaiting police officer, where they were handcuffed.

After the occupants were all out of the car, the police approached the car with guns drawn to make sure it was clear.

After awhile, the car occupants were released and were allowed to drive away. Our Logitech WiLife video system captured the whole thing. Not sure what it was all about, but it was exciting to have our own live version of the TV show "Cops" right in front of our house.

Third Place: D. Rodgers: A crazy, climbing cat keeps falling off house

2 Logitech Video security cameras capture the cat falling from the side of the house. 2 different instances recorded.

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