Logitech WiLife Features

Even the professionals don't get all these features

End to End Digital Video

Logitech WiLife is the only video surveillance system designed for homes and small business that manages your video digitally from the Camera to the PC, the PC to the Screen, and from the PC to your Remote Viewing device.

It all Starts with Smart Cameras

At the core of every Logitech Camera is a 400MHz processor and a high-performance digital image sensor. This processor and sensor make it possible for Logitech Cameras to encode video in real-time into the digital Windows Media Video (wmv) format, which compresses the video as much as 200 times its original size. The Security Camera then transmits this video to your PC, which powered by the WiLife Command Center becomes your command center. The Command Center Software can display live, streaming digital video from up to six cameras.

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No Drills; No Wireless Networking

Our first goal was to make it easy to setup. So, we designed a system that does not require dedicated cabling or complex wireless network configurations. Dedicated cabling requires time and lots of effort - acquiring and using ladders, locating studs in the walls or ceilings, and drilling holes in your walls. On top of this, wireless camera systems gobble up your wireless bandwidth. And unless you are lucky enough to already have a wireless network, you will have to deal with the complex configurations of wireless routers.

How We Eliminate the Need for Wires and Wireless

Logitech WiLife uses the power of HomePlug™ powerline technology to create a powerful and secure video network over the existing electrical wires in your home and small business. This technology provides the security, reliability, and quality of a hard-wired system without the requirement of running new cables. Simply plug the Logitech Cameras into any wall outlet and video is automatically transmitted to your Windows PC via the WiLife USB Receiver. The video is then instantly recognized by the powerful Command Center Software, which empowers you with all the benefits of a professionally installed digital video surveillance system.

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High-Resolution, High-Quality Color Video

With Logitech WiLife, the days of watching hard to see black and white image broadcasts of surveillance video are gone. Every Logitech Camera streams high-quality, rich-color video in QVGA or VGA resolutions.

The Difference Quality Makes

With high-quality digital images, you can see more detail. And, the higher the quality the better. Logitech uses cameras built using the latest digital image sensors. These sensors capture more details, and at great lighting ranges.

Compare the competitor's low-light image with the WiLife Camera

Competitor's Indoor Surveillance Camera WiLife Indoor Camera
Competitor's Indoor Low Light wireless cctv

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Motion Detection & Recording

Digital motion detection and recording is another great feature we built on the power of the Logitech Cameras. Using the onboard processor, each camera dynamically detects motion by tracking video images. Most professional systems only dream of having a feature like this.

Digital Motion Detection

When a Logitech Camera detects motion, the camera signals the Command Center Software to start creating a digital recording of the event and storing the video on your PC for you to access at your convenience. Additionally, Command Center can create an active alert by sending you a message to your e-mail or cell phone. By using digital motion detection, Logitech Cameras can detect motion outside, even through a window pane, and detect motion many feet away. More amazingly, Command Center lets you specify motion zones within the video frame for motion detection, allowing you to include the most important areas of the frame, such as a driveway, doorway, or any other area, but exclude the busy street in front of your house. You can have up to 16 of these areas per camera. We call these areas motion detection zones. Another advantage of motion-based recording is the amount of disk space that is saved. Because Command Center only records motion, you can record and store weeks and months of video on a typical PC hard drive.

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PC Based Command Center

You already have the most important element of the Logitech Digital Video Security System, a Windows PC. The first step of setting up WiLife is to install the Command Center Software. The Command Center Software gives you a powerful command center for managing your WiLife Cameras and surveillance video.

The WiLife Command Center Software for Windows

Using the standards-based Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) technology, Command Center automatically identifies each of your cameras almost as quickly as you can plug them into the wall. Once connected to your cameras, you can control each camera's resolution, recording schedules, and a camera's specific alerts. Even more. Command Center actively monitors and records up to six cameras. Once images are saved by Command Center, you can quickly review the video by month, day, hour, and camera.

Finally, you can put your PC to good work during all of those hours it sits idle.

wireless cctv camera

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Automatic Disk Management

With automatic disk management, WiLife Command Center gives you complete control of your PC hard drive. You choose how much free space to allocate for video recording.

Intelligent Space Reuse

The WiLife Command Center Software records video to your PC's hard drive using the Windows Media Video format, which is compressed. This allows many hours of video and use less disk space, a feature you cannot find with other technologies. Over days and weeks, Command Center uses the space you assigned. In time, your video will safely fill the space you allocated, and will not grow any further. Once the space is filled, Command Center intelligently releases the oldest video clips to make space for the newest ones.

With intelligent space reuse, Logitech WiLife can run for months unattended while maintaining a fresh database of digital video.

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Active Alerts

With Logitech WiLife, you can receive nearly immediate notification when there is motion at one of your cameras using Active Alerts. As an option, Command Center lets you define individual alerts for each of your cameras. WiLife also allows you to define alerts to Cell phones, as well as email.*

Three Alert Options

You have the option of receiving one of three message types: simple text-only, text, or one frame of video or an entire video clip. In any case, this email alert option allows you to know when your cameras are capturing motion.

Once you enable alerts, you can stay even more informed.

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Remote Viewing

Using your WiLife Online account, you can access live video from your cameras from anywhere in the world using a Windows Media enabled Internet browser or Cell phone.

Now See What You've Been Missing

When you enable free Remote Viewing, your PC becomes a video server ready to publish video through the secure WiLife network over the Internet to you, wherever you are. WiLife intelligently creates the most efficient path through your local routers to your remote device. You connect to your video feed by going to online.wilife.com and logging into your WiLife Online account – using your username and password. Once connected to your account, you select the site and cameras you want to view. The WiLife server then routes a live video feed to your device.

All customers have access to free Remote Viewing services. Learn more about Remote Viewing.

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* For European customers, SMS alerts are only supported if your Internet provider of cell phone provider are supporting email to SMS.