WiLife Releases Outdoor Video Security Camera

The new LukWerks™ Outdoor Camera Starter Kit and Add-on Cameras now shipping to distributors

Draper, Utah – Dec. 13, 2006 – WiLife announced today that it is shipping its new Outdoor Video Security Camera Starter Kit and Add-on Cameras. Designed specifically for homes and small businesses, the LukWerks Outdoor Camera is the latest addition to the award-winning WiLife video security system.

WiLife’s LukWerks video security systems use HomePlug technology to securely send digital video over standard AC power lines to a PC running the WiLife surveillance management software. To install, users simply plug cameras into any standard AC electrical outlet and the cameras transmit the video over the power lines to a USB receiver connected to the PC. Using this powerful technology, users do not have to run cables or configure complex wireless networks. Unlike wireless solutions, LukWerks video is reliable and secure.

The Outdoor camera is designed for outdoor extremes. Completely weatherproof, the camera can withstand Arizona summers and Alaska winters. The camera also includes capabilities found in all of WiLife’s cameras; high-quality color video, motion detection, and low-light image management.

With the recent release of the Outdoor cameras, customers can expand their video security to monitor additional areas. Customers have the option of mixing and matching a starter kit with Indoor and Outdoor cameras. The system supports up to six cameras for complete coverage of homes and small businesses.

“We have had a tremendous response to the launch of our outdoor camera,” said Kerry Brock, vice president of sales and marketing for WiLife. “Resellers and customers both appreciate that we are continuing to bring high-end technology to consumers at a price anyone can afford.”

The LukWerks video security system has powerful features, usually found in much higher priced solutions, such as motion based recording, customizable security alerts, and robust search and playback tools. Free remote viewing from any Windows-based web browser is a popular feature that enables anytime, anywhere access for mobile monitoring.

WiLife’s LukWerks products are currently carried at RadioShack, Frys Electronics, Sharper Image and at many online resellers.

About WiLife

WiLife is the maker of the LukWerks Video Security System, the world’s first professional-grade, complete video security system specifically engineered for homes and small businesses. The company was founded in 2002 to develop technology and systems that enable widespread consumer adoption of video security and allow customers to self-monitor businesses and homes through intelligent cameras, powerful software, and mobile access.

For more information about WiLife and LukWerks visit www.wilife.com/partners or call 877.585.9375.


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