October 2011 Customer Success Story Winners

First Place: B. Shook: Hit & Run on my car caught on video

I had only had my Logitech 750 Master System installed for a few days. I was in my backyard preparing BBQ for a family get together when I heard a loud crash. I ran out to my front yard and realized someone had hit my car. I called the local police and my wife said "Wonder if you got that on the camera?" I opened up the Mobile Commander and sure enough I did.

The video segment below is the accident. You can see a truck leaving the neighbor's house and smashing into my car.

The police showed up and reviewed this video plus additional footage. They went to the neighbors house that the guy came out of. The neighbor refused to speak to the police and they can't force him to give up the name since no one was injured in the accident. Needless to say, I have showed the surrounding neighbors the video and they are aware of what happened.

You can't see from the video, but the total damage was $7,500. At least no one was hurt.


Second Place: D. Sampieri: Earthquake shook the server room

We installed Logitech Alert cameras in and around our Information Technology department to keep our server room and storage areas safe. During the August earthquake on the U.S. Eastern States, our building was evacuated. Fortunately for us, the Alert 700i was set to pick up on motion in the server room and the attached is what happened.

Third Place: J. Strickland: Security camera catches UPS man throwing package

One of my 6 Logitech Alert 700e Cameras caught a UPS driver throwing a package into my garage. The package was busted open, but luckily nothing was damaged. If it hadn't been for the camera, I might not have even known the package was even in my garage to begin with. The driver usually puts everything up on my porch. Not this time.