October 2010 Customer Success Story Winners

First Place: K. DeLaughter: Coke machine vandal and thief

This guy has been in and out of jail for destroying several Coke Machines by breaking them open and stealing the metal boxes full of coins and dollar bills. A Coke machine is $4,000 dollars. But ironically, the change inside of them only amounts to about $50 dollars. (At the end of this video, you can see the metal box.) At the time this video was recorded, he had already destroyed 9 other machines around the area.

He didn't last long before getting caught, however. I posted photos of him and his car at both of my stores and also posted all the videos on YouTube and Facebook. I sent out the videos to my grocery store customer e-mail list, which includes about 350 customers.

Within 3 days, someone told me who it was. I reported it to the investigators and they arrested him the next day.

Coca-Cola wrote me a letter thanking me for helping catch the bandit. Because of my cameras, we were able to stop the guy from destroying more $4,000.00 machines.



Second Place: D. Himes: Refrigerator thieves

We live on the main road just outside of Morgantown. We have had things go missing and our cars broken into several times over the past months. Because of this, we purchased the Logitech WiLife system. We have 3 cameras — 2 Outdoor (1 in front and 1 in back) and one Indoor.

We received a newer refrigerator from a family member. So, we replaced the one we had in the garage with the newer one. One of our neighbors wanted the refrigerator we replaced so we set up a time for him to come over and get it that night. We put the one that we were giving to our neighbor just outside out Garage Door. When we came home that evening, however, we noticed it was gone. At first, we thought nothing about it, thinking that the neighbor came and picked it up early. But later that evening, when we were talking with them, we asked them about the refrigerator and they had not picked it up. I went straight to my Logitech Command Center.

What I found was that the refrigerator was taken at 2:20 in the afternoon by three guys in a Black Truck. They backed up into our driveway, 2 guys got out, and one acted like he was going to the front door to ask for it while the other loaded it in the back of their truck. In the video, you can see that once it is loaded he yells to his partner and he comes running and they take off without slowing down. The video is so clear you can actually notice a third person holding the door open for the other guy as he is running back to the truck. Actually, it’s quite a funny video.

We called the police. When the Sheriff got to the house and we showed him the video, he could not believe the system was Logitech. He commented on how nice it was compared to other surveillance systems he has seen in local businesses, especially how clear the video was. He asked if I had a copy. And I was able to make him a CD with the video copied to it.

The thieves were caught the next day after they played the video at the Sheriff's Office. Needless to say, they were known. They denied knowing anything about the stolen refrigerator until the investigator asked them about it a third time and told them that they had them all on video.

They admitted to it and said they took it to the junk. The Police pressed charges. I did not get it back but I was given restitution from the thieves. Since this event happened to us, we have shared this video with close friends and family. I know of 5 new systems that have been bought and installed. Thanks Logitech!

Third Place: D. Wyatt: SUV rear-ends parked car & drives off

I am disabled and have had multiple back surgeries.

One day, my van was side-swiped. The vehicle involved drove off and the culprit was never captured. I traded the van with the broken side-door in for a new van. I use that door to carry my power chair. I cannot walk very long or far.

After that hit-and-run accident, I purchased the Logitech WiLife cameras. I swore that no one would hit another of my vehicles and get away with it. On October 6, 2010, 12:26 p.m., I was in my kitchen. It had rained 30 minutes earlier. I heard the skidding, the crash from the impact and the alarm from my car. In a panic, the I run to catch the driver of the SUV, not even thinking about my bad back because of the adrenaline. When I got outside, I saw the vehicle speeding away and the back-end of my sedan completely ruined. I ran back into the house, got the keys to my van, ran to the van, and pursued the SUV. As he was speeding away, I was able to make out part of the license. When I found the SUV parked outside a mall, I was able to get the rest of the plate number.

He recognized the van and he took off and into the mall to get away. I returned home and checked the video on the Playback screen of Command Center. Not only did it capture the incident, but it showed that he had passed by in the opposite direction two minutes earlier. From that view, I was able to see the driver. I now had more than enough evidence. I called the police. He was captured in less than four hours.

As I mentioned earlier, I had multiple back surgeries. If the drive had stopped as he should have, it would have been a simple matter for the insurance company. But, because he ran, it forced me to aggravate my already injured back. I had back surgery 3 weeks earlier and the staples were removed from my back 6 days prior. Being forced to pursue him has caused me a great deal of pain and he will be held responsible for that as well.

The cameras caught everything including what I had to do to get his plate number. He confessed. The vehicle belonged to his mother. He was 18-years old.

I would have lost more money from the hit and run than the cost of this security system. I am happy to have it.