May 2011 Customer Success Story Winners

First Place: D. Maher: Who Would Steal a Hedge Trimmer?

I have four Outdoor cameras installed at my home. I feel very secure knowing that if there is any incident that occurs at my home, I can quickly review the surveillance video to determine what happened.

On May 19, 2011, I was trimming my bushes out in the front of my house. I had put down the brand new hedge trimmer that I was using for the first time to get a rake. I was just out of sight of the trimmer when I heard a vehicle stop and back up. To my shock, a man had gotten out of the truck and grabbed my hedge trimmer. I yelled and chased them out into the street, only to see them drive off.

I called the police and showed the officer the video of the incident. He was able to get a clear description of the vehicle, driver and passenger of the truck based on the video. He called in the information to the police dispatch. I was also able to get a partial description of the license plate. I also provided them a video CD showing the footage from all of the different cameras that recorded the incident. They started searching for a matching vehicle immediately.

Within an hour, the police at dispatch got a match of the license plate. However, before they were even able to use it, the police had already apprehended the thieves based on the officer’s description from seeing the video. They arrested the men.

The entire occurrence took less than two hours from the crime to the arrest. The police at the station were very impressed with the quality of the video and the quantity of information I could provide because of my surveillance system.

I can't thank you enough for this product!


Second Place: R. Gilson : Friend's car smashed by giant truck

My friend was pulling out of his parking spot when a red truck came by and accelerated into him. It looks like the driver of the truck was looking down the side street, then didn’t see my friend's car pulling out before he looked back to the road and accelerated. The force was so great that it pushed his car into a parked car in front of him.

I have the older Logitech system with 3 cameras at my home. They have caught kids egging houses and Saturday night someone smashed a car's side mirror, which I also attached.

Third Place: G. Pickett: Contractors kill a snake

We hired a contractor to paint the exterior of our house. There were 7 men on his crew the day one of them saw a 5-foot long snake. The attached video (from two different cameras) shows the excitement!

Captions added with Windows Live Movie Maker.

We have three cameras: 2 exterior facing the driveway and the backyard; 1 interior facing the frontyard.

Honorable Mention: T.Reynolds: How we catch our mice

Here in northern Victoria, Australia we have a mouse plague. One morning, for example, the office staff saw 3-4 mice in a span of one hour. So I decided to go into action. I manufactured a mouse trap I had been designing in my head for a while. I grabbed a spare Indoor camera to watch the results. Within 30 minutes of setting it up, I had an alert telling me motion detected!

Here is the video!!! Enjoy!!

Honorable Mention: H. Jimenez: Evidence of the missing laptops

I know that I am not living in USA but I am sending this video to you to show you how thankful we are with Logitech security cameras. We got this camera last December at Sam’s Club in Tucson Arizona. I have the cameras mounted in my business. This story is about how we discovered who stole two laptop computers from the office in our gym. Not too long ago, we found a boy about sixteen-years old doing drugs in the back of the gym. We felt pity for him so we invited him to come to the gym for free. We wanted to help him.

Everything was going good with him. He was coming every morning, working out. That changed last month.

One morning, my wife was teaching a pilate class. After she was finished, she returned to the front office and found the office’s two laptops gone. She called me and so I went to the gym. She told me that she had no idea who took the laptops. Maybe it was the guy who cleans the cars? But she had no proof. She was angry and I had to calm her down. I told her “Don’t worry, Logitech was taking care of the office.”

I took out the microSD card and there was the history that we took to the police. And, we got the thief. Unfortunately, we wanted to help him. But there is an old Spanish saying: “when the dog eats egg, it will want to eat it all the time.”

We are really happy with Logitech.