May 2010 Customer Success Story Winners

First Place: D. Williams: Dog opens door and escapes. Police called in.

We were on vacation while a neighbor was watching our house and dog. He forgot to lock the front door and our dog opened it. Another concerned neighbor called the police because we were not home and our door was open. Henderson Police checked out the home and saw that nothing appeared to be broken or obviously missing so they closed the door with the dog inside. The dog still wanted to play so she opened the door and greeted the police outside. The police officers were relieved to see our neighbor come over with the keys to secure things.


Second Place: R. Ohran: Neighbor breaks windows and vandalizes vehicle

I had a problem with repeated vandalism of the vehicles on my property. Windows were broken, body panels were damaged, and interiors were ruined. I set up a Logitech outdoor camera in a tree close to a car. I recorded several instances of vandalism and turned them over to Officer Nisonger of Provo Police. The vandal was identified and incarcerated for criminal mischief and criminal trespassing. He was then held in the county jail for multiple weeks and eventually arraigned before a judge. He plead guilty to one of the charges and was released under probation with a restraining order that he could not come within a 1000 feet of my property. The video was shown to several of my neighbors, so if one of them saw the vandal in violation of the restraining order, he called the police. The vandal has been arrested again and must now serve the jail time associated with his guilty plea.

Since this first successful use of my WiLife System, I have installed cameras at my house, my workshop, and my vacation home in Las Vegas. Whenever anyone comes within a close proximity to my properties I receive text message images on my cell phone within seconds. If something suspicious is occurring, I can go to the WiLife website and view the complete video of the event. So far nothing criminal has been detected although several friends have been astonished to receive calls from me regarding their presence at my properties. They think I am psychic.


Third Place: P. Siemsen: Neighbor steals hanging plants

I just wanted to share my experience with my two very reliable cameras.

I installed them to check on people knocking on my door. While checking my front door in the morning, I thought that something wasn’t right. Sure enough, someone had taken my new hanging baskets at 3 in the morning. The camera provided astounding results, as can be seen. It turns out the guy lives on my street. The police identified him right away with the great video.

I just received a subpoena to appear in court as he is being charged with theft, not just for what he stole from me but also from several other neighbors.

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