January 2011 Customer Success Story Winners

First Place: J. Neal: Video captures thieves breaking into truck

Jan 5th 2:19 am three people are caught in my drive way looking in the automobiles and actually break in my truck, when the lights come on the one at my truck never looks up, would have been a great picture for the law. The video clip was played by all of our local TV stations, and as of today I am told the have been identified with my help. The have been in different areas and when they hit they go thru the whole neighborhood.

Read the article "Rural residents awake to burglarized vehicles" here.

The story was carried as headline news on all major local news cast WAPT, WJTV, Fox 40 and WLBT. Logitech got a verbal recommendation as well as news cast coverage. Needless to say thank you for a good product at an affordable price.


Second Place: S. Ploennies: Construction man steals FedEx delivery: son's tricycle

I have installed a pair of indoor Logitech Alert Cameras, which recently replaced our older pair of Wilife Security Cameras. One of the cameras is used to monitor inside the house, and the other monitors the front door/porch. Typically we don’t see much action in our front camera other than cars driving by. Once though, we did capture a friend of ours returning a ceramic bunny that had been kidnapped for several weeks, as a prank. (We have this video, too.) We, in turn, played a prank on them since we knew who it was. Ultimately, we put the video on our Facebook page to reveal the culprit.

The real story for this contest is this: We ordered a tricycle for our son's 2nd birthday which was promptly delivered by FedEx at 2:30pm on a Tuesday. 2-1/2 Hours later the thief drives by and sees the package. He proceeds to turn around his car and park in the red zone in front of our house. The thief gets out of the car with a construction hat and a phony piece of paper trying to look legitimate while approaching the house. He looks right at the camera as he walks by the door, walks away with the package and returns to his truck. We used the Logitech Commander software to save individual frames from the video of the truck and thief and e-mailed them to all of our neighbors. We also provided the video to our local police department, but it's probably too soon to hear anything back.

Third Place: R. Toornburg: Tow Truck drives on lawn and over rock retaining wall

Over the holidays, I installed the 750e Alert Master system with 2 outdoor cameras. One in front and one in the driveway.

We came home after eating dinner on Jan 10, 2011 to find tracks through our yard and over a retaining wall that is between us and our neighbors property. I immediately went and reviewed the footage and saw a tow truck drive into the yard and over the retaining wall. From the exceptional quality of the Alert camera I was able to get the name of the company off the side of the truck and had clear video of the driver. When I called them, they were hesitant to admit there had been a truck there at first, but after I told them I had video, they were more than happy to start working on a resolution! We have assessed they will be repairing the ruts in the yard, damage to the rock retaining wall and replacing a sprinkler head. So in the first few weeks, the system paid for itself! Without it we would have been stuck with the mystery and repair costs, and a lesser camera wouldn’t have given us the detail to read the name on the truck. We also came to find out our neighbor had called them to get a jumpstart and they figured it was easier to drive through our wet yard. I would have expected him to say something to us about it, but he never has. Thanks Logitech for protecting our assets and giving us peace of mind.