January 2010 Customer Success Story Winners

First Place: M. Nichols: Who's been eating the shrubbery?

I work part time in Arizona and our home is empty for several days at a time. I installed the WiLife cameras in the front and back to monitor any activity.

My wife loves to garden and noted that some of her plants were being eaten. She suspected rabbits as we see a lot of them in the neighborhood. As you can see from the video she even covered some plants to protect them. When she discovered that despite these efforts the plants were ravaged, I went to the security system to check. I think the video speaks for itself. Thanks for the help.


Second Place: J. Risner: New neighbor, aka basement thief

I first noticed just some little things that were missing from my basement in my condo. A new neighbor moved in around the same time and I had a suspision that it might be him so I decided to purchase a camera and see who it actually was, sure enough it wasnt 2 days later that I checked my camera and there he was caught red handed. He didnt actually steal anything at the time I caught him but he did break in so at that point I gave the cops a list of items that he had stolen and burnt them a cd of the theif in action and he was linked to the break in and the other items that were missing as well!

Third Place: V. Pickett: Break-in # 9 caught on video

People have tried or have broken into my house eight times since I bought it in 2003. I came across your video system on Amazan.com and read the reviews and bought and installed the cameras in my side kitchen window and back window. The person in the yellow shirt is viewed from my kitchen window. They kicked in my back door even though they saw the camera and tried to destroy it and my computer but didn’t. All three were arrested and given probation.