February 2010 Customer Success Story Winners

First Place: J. Moll: The Snoopy Real Estate Agent

We recently put our house on the market. During our absences, we turn on the cameras. One of the cameras is located in a bedroom aimed toward the door. We also have one in the foyer of our home. This allows us to see who is coming in during an Open House or when a realtor is showing the home. In this video clip, you will see the Real Estate Agent open up a hutch that stores the computer that we use to record the video. This hutch is a personal item and is NOT part of the house. You see him open the hutch and then bend down to what we assume is to open the drawers below. Next he turns to his right and appears to open a night stand. Going around the bed, he opens the drawers to a built in cabinet. If you'll look close, you will see the strap of an i-pod on the left side of drawer. As he moved some items around, the strap was caught in drawer. He also opens up a night stand on that side of the bed and then opens the cabinets on the lower part of the built-in cabinet. When he opens the cabinet, you will see him move some things around as if he's looking for something.

When my wife came home, she noticed a couple of items amiss in the bedroom (i.e. the ipod strap and one of the night stands was not completely closed). In reviewing the video, she was horrified to see this agent going through our personal items. I should note, that we agreed to let this agent into our home as part of showing our home to perspective buyers. In this video you will see no buyers and the foyer camera shows him coming into our home alone.

We contacted our realtor and the broker that this realtor works for works for. We showed them the video and needless to say the broker was appropriately concerned. We have received word that this particular realtor no longer works for this broker and we also understand he is going to lose his real estate license in the state of Texas. I should also note here, that fortunately, nothing was taken from our home.

We are very pleased with the performance of our cameras. We originally purchased them as an additional safeguard for our boys, We never thought for a moment that we would capture a situation such as this.


Second Place: J. Domenick: Raccoon breaks into the house

Raccoon in the house!

Our laundry room has a dog door entry, allowing it to also serve as a “dog house” for our two dogs (but they normally are in the main house at night.) We keep dog food in closed bins in the laundry room too, and recently noticed that something had entered the room at night, breaking into the food bins several nights in a row. We moved one of our Wilife cameras to the laundry room to try to figure out what was happening. Sure enough, we found our visitor trying to break into the dog food bin, which I had locked shut that night.

Happy ending. With the knowledge that the camera provided, I bought a raccoon “live capture” trap. After three days, I finally caught him and released him in an unpopulated area.

We got our Wilife system after reading the article in Forbes a few years ago. They are working great. We have outdoor cameras watching the driveway and front door, and a couple inside cameras in the event of a break-in. No problems so far!

Third Place: L. Martin: Snowplow takes out mailbox

The city workers might deny that they hit it, but this homeowner has the video to prove it.