Other Favorite Stories & Videos

G. Griesman, Runaway SUV

"Why did you park the truck all the way at the end of the driveway?" the spouse asked.

"What? I didn't park the car at the end of the driveway," the husband replied. "The car must have come out of gear."

The Logitech video camera probably caught what happened, he thought. And sure enough, it did.

M. Hughes, Secretary Attempts a Hurdle Kick in the School Office

Our Logitech cameras were installed in the main office of the school in which I work. I am the bookkeeper and my office can be entered from the main office. Since I deal with thousands of dollars during the school year, we felt it was necessary to put up two Logitech cameras in the office to see anyone that enters my office and also to cover the main office.

"We forget that these cameras are running at all times so on this particular day, I was demonstrating to my principal a hurdle jump maneuver that I had done during my lunch period. The other secretary and I had been walking the track during lunch and we had been pretending to do hurdle jumps. When my principal came into the office, I proceeded to show her my 'one legged hurdle jump'."

A. Ceretti: The Lingering Contractor

I purchased my video security system due to a recent increase in burglaries in my neighborhood. I tried a basic security system from another company, but found it was difficult to set up and install and once I did, I found out the system was defective. After I returned the first system, I learned about the Logitech WiLife digital video security system. I installed an Indoor camera facing the front of my house and an Outdoor camera on the side of my house to monitor the side gate.

Several weeks after I purchased my video system, I happened to be looking into getting a new roof. So I called several roofing companies to come over to inspect my house and give me a bid. A salesman from a local roofing company met me at my house and made me an offer. I let him know that I would consult with other companies to compare prices but would contact him if he gave me the best deal. We both left the house and I went to work. I noticed, however, that the salesman lingered behind in my driveway as I pulled out.

After work, I was curious about why he lingered about. So I reviewed the recorded video and discovered that the salesman waited until I was gone and preceded to use the side of my house as his own personal restroom. Needless to say, I did not give him my business.

I have benefited from my Logitech Video Security system by having the peace of mind to know what’s happening at my house and view my property online 24-7 while I’m at work.

N. Beach: Is it a ghost?

I know Alabama is supposed to be a weird state but this is beyond me. Everybody I show these videos to says: “GHOST”. Well, I don’t believe in things like ghosts but I’d like know what it is. Attached are two segments from one of your cameras, one recorded at night and the other during the bright, sunny day. Both show odd green orbs that transform into different shapes and swirling lines, seemingly depicting movement in an area on the front porch. I’ve got maybe 50 of these segments, happening night & day. No certain time of day or lighting condition seems to trigger these events. They appear just whenever they feel like paying me a visit.

I’ve looked at these videos till my head hurts. I cannot explain 'em. Don’t say they are light reflections or anything like that. I’ve ruled that out.

I was told to send ‘em to your “diag@ wilife.com”, let them have a crack at it.

Thanks a lot…..

p.s.Y’all have a nice day now, ya hear!